Henriette Eva Stierlin-Szabo

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Research Interests

I have worked in South America for a decade as an Applied Anthropologist. I have extensive experience in research, field work, ethnographic studies and project management. I worked mainly in development projects, with indigenous groups in the Andean and the Amazonian region. My main topics were indigenous (material) knowledge, its preservation and re-use or incorporation into development projects finding a balance between ethno-knowledge and its western counterpart. I also worked with indigenous civil and political organizations, territorial and gender rights in urban and rural projects.

I developed an academic curriculum, writing and publishing, whenever possible, the ethnographic results of the projects such as the native bee project with the Ayoreo Indians, or the ethnography of the Baure Indians. My main research was the Bolivian Anthropological Dictionary, a practical guide to the ethnographic and anthropological concepts of Bolivian reality

Film Interests

I was working in New York with a small independent film company making independent documentary films between 1989 and 1992. In 1992 I went to South America, and co-founded my own film company, as scriptwriter and producer. We made spots, documentaries, TV series.


Education and Professional Positions

2018 - present Research Associate, Department of Evolutionary Biology & Environmental Studies, University of Zurich, Switzerland
2018 Certificate of Advanced Studies (C.A.S.) in Development and Cooperation, NADEL-ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
2016 Betreuerin/Dolmetscherin (20%), Fachstelle Frauenhandel und Frauenmigration, Zurich, Switzerland
2016 - 2017 Mediatorin (30%), Fachstelle Lysistrada, Olten, Switzerland
2014 Assistant Professor, Károli G. University of the Reformed Church, Budapest, Hungary
2009 Ph.D. in History, University of Szeged (SZTE), Hungary
2009 - 2013 Lecturer, University of Szeged (SZTE), Hungary
2003 - 2008 Director, NGO Aguarague, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
2002 Consultant, Santa Cruz, Isosog – Bolivia
2000 Lizenziat in Anthropology (Diploma in 2014), Universidad Mayor San Andrés, La Paz, Bolivia
2000 Junior researcher, NGO CIDDEBENI, Trinidad, Bolivia
1997 - 2000 Independent Consultant, Bolivia
1992 - 2008 Producer, Scriptwriter, Lecturer - PM Films, USA-Bolivia
1990 Master as Secondary school teacher of Hungarian Language and Literature & Italian Language and Literature, University József A (JATE), Szeged, Hungary
1989 - 1992 Assistant, Mountain Top Films, USA

Selected Publications

  • (2011) Moxitania: en la visión de los misioneros húngaros del siglo XVIII y hoy (Moxitania: in the Vision of the Hungarian Missionaries of the XVIII. Century and Today), IN: Iberoamericana Quinqueecclesiensis 9, Univ. of Pécs, pp. 451-457, Pécs
  • (2010) A prehispán szimbólumok újjáéledése az andoki ideológiában (Revival of Prehispanic Symbols in the Andean Ideology), IN: Journal Mediterrán Világ No. XVII, pp. 101-106, Veszprém
  • (2008) Diccionario de la Antropologia Boliviana (Dictionary of Anthropology in Bolivia) (800 pgs), ed. Embajada real de los Países Bajos/Aguarague, Bolivia
    ISBN: 978-99954-0-304-1
  • (2005) Henriette Szabó-Eugenio Stierlin. Conocimiento de los Ayoreos sobre la miel (Ayoreo indigenous knowledge about honey), series Peoples and Honey #1 (150 pgs) ed. Aguarague/PNUD, Bolivia
  • (2004) Henriette Szabó-Eugenio Stierlin. Manual de manejo de las Abejas nativas, ed. HIVOS (Holland) /FCBC/ Aguarague, Bolivia.
    ISBN: 99905-0-517-9
  • (1998) Pueblo indigena Baure (The Baure indians), IN: serie “Pueblos Indigenas y Originarios de Bolivia”, (45 pgs), ed. MDSP/VAIPO/PNUD, Bolivia

Audiovisual Projects (Documentaries)

  • (2006) Executive Producer/Scriptwriter, Vientos negros (La fiebre hemorrágica del Beni) (55`, Span), PM Films-Prefectura del Beni, Trinidad, Bolivia
  • (2006) Executive Producer/Scriptwriter, Misiones (20`, Span), PM Films-Prefectura del Beni, Trinidad, Bolivia
  • (2006) Producer, Obras de la Prefectura del Beni (5`, Span) PM Films-Prefectura del Beni Beni (Promotional Doc.), Trinidad, Bolivia
  • (2005) Line Producer, Outbreak (50’, Eng., Span./Hung subtitles) (National Geographic (USA)-Lion TV (England)-PM Films (Bol)) (historical doc. about the Machupo fever)
  • (1997) Producer, Tierra (Span.) (PM Films) (Earth Day), Trinidad-La Paz, Bolivia
  • (1996) Producer/Researcher, 10 años del EBB (Span.) (PM Films) (ecological doc.) Trinidad-La Paz, Bolivia